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TNT Training developed as founder, Nikolas Turner (Nik) realized there is a need to fill. Turner is a 3x NAIA All- American at Oklahoma City University (OCU) and an NAIA National finalist in 2012. After college, Turner coached Junior High for two years at Blanchard before starting his own organization, the Oklahoma City Wrestling Club (OKCWC), in 2014. The purpose of the OKCWC was to keep underage youth off the street, and encourage the development and growth of wrestling. Turner’s club was free for all members, but that created problems with facility availability, retention of members, fundraising, and also quality of volunteer commitment. 

Nik has an unrelenting and undeniable passion for the sport of wrestling that anyone that comes in contact with him can see. He also has a passion and love for sharing knowledge and techniques and helping others to learn. Nik has been doing private lessons to help individuals with personalized skill development since 2013. After three years of the Oklahoma City Wrestling Club, Turner decided to turn his passion for wrestling to the development of a new entity, one that could combine all of his passions into one and could theoretically serve all clients, no matter their team affiliations.




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Nik Turner was born June 21, 1989 at Norman Regional Hospital. He grew up in Norman and began wrestling in the 8th grade. He wrestled for Norman North High school and went on to wrestle for Oklahoma City University collegiality. Although toward the end of his career Nik saw success with wrestling, the earlier years were not as fruitful in that regard. In 8th grade Nik only won one wrestling match the entire year. In 9th grade he won a few more, and really started to turn the corner his Junior year, although had a mishap and was not able to wrestle at state due to not making weight for the OSSAA west regional tournament (he was the one seed). The next year he would go on to become a state finalist. Losing soundly to Jamal Parks in the OSSAA State Finals(15-5). 

College was more of the same. Nik started slow with a losing record in his freshman season (23-25), but through hard work gained momentum and became a 3X NAIA All-American and National Finalist his senior season (40-3). Hard work is the cornerstone of Turner's Tough N Technical Training LLC. 

" I had a lot of great people help me get to where I am today, and I just want to do that for as many other people as I can" - Nik Turner 




- Current Head JH Coach Putnam City West 

- Current Head Coach Tough N Technical Wrestling Club


- Current OKUSA 14U Director

- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (OCU)

- Masters of Education in School Counseling University of Central Oklahoma (UCO)

- OK HS State Finalist 2007

- OK All-State 2007

- 4x NAIA National Qualifier

- 4x OCU letterman 

- OCU Men's Wrestler of the Year 2009

- OCU Men's Outstanding Wrestler 2010

- NAIA Champion of Character 2010

- Jim Wade Champion of Character 2012

- OCU Team Leader Award 2012 

- 3x NAIA Central Region Champion

- 3x NAIA All-American 

- 138 Collegiate Victories 

- NAIA National Finalist 2012 

- USA Wrestling FS/GR official since 2011 (M1)

- OK folk-style official since 2010

- 2020 OCA Region 6 Coach Of the Year

- 2021 OOA 5A Coach of the Year

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