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Developing a Successful Mindset 

Your mind is one of the most powerful things in existence and with the right mindset one can accomplish seemingly insurmountable tasks! Here you will find a collection of rotating videos of varying length and content to help you build that mindset. We don't own the rights to these videos but we believe that each of them has something of value to offer you. The utility may come in the form of a message and or a philosophy that would be beneficial in cultivating a more successful mindset. Check back every so often to see if the videos have changed! Coach T believes that he should constantly be learning from others, so that he may better teach others. 

Be Like Water

Learn from the master and originator of Jeet Kune Do the finer points of the flow. Be water my friends! 

The Art of Skulduggery 

Although ominously titled, this video will give you and interestingly raw and authentic insight to a championship mentality from one of the best to ever step in the ring. 

The Journey

Walk with Coach T as he takes you on a poetic stroll and gives you a glimpse of  the road to success and what that looks like.

The Story of Inky Johnson 

This one doesn't need an introduction. Watch and be inspired by the story of true grit and determination, and an overwhelming example of how to deal with the adversities of life. 

The Man in the Red Bandana 

A gritty real life look at what it means to be a hero. Selfless, altruistic, and courageous beyond measure, Welles Crowther will forever live on as the epitome of the phrase "put it all on the line"! 


No motivation or mindset video page would be complete without the latest ET video. Take 30 minutes and further cultivate your perspective on success. 

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