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We get our clients to reach their highest goals though wrestling based training, coaching, and consultation. On this page you'll find some of our services we offer, some camps and clinics we run, and other great information.

Ready to go to the next level?

TNT Training was founded on the highest quality service. Often times, because of the numbers, club and team coaches are too busy to work with individuals on specific skill training and individualized developmental needs. TNT Training provides a solution to the problem by offering free-lance individual and group wrestling instruction and consultation. As a free-lance organization, TNT Training maximizes its available market and increases the potential opportunity to better assist clients. 




Solo (1) 
Individual specialized wrestling training session that consist of drills to help with specific skill enhancement, overall position improvement, and also the development of new techniques.

Partners/Groups (2-6) 
Partner or group wrestling training sessions that consist of drills to help with specific skill enhancement, overall position improvement, and also the development of new techniques.

Team training sessions that will focus on solid fundamental techniques and the development of new techniques. Coaches are welcome to request certain situations that need to be addressed. (Example: Team needs work getting off bottom, or team needs work hand fighting)


Film Analysis
​Breakdown of competition film provided by client. Breakdown will include observation of tendencies both positive and negative, suggestions on applicable techniques, insight on philosophy/mindset in certain match situations, and overall critique/feedback in regards to being more successful on the mat!


Group training session that will focus mainly on presenting solid fundamental techniques that can be used on all levels as well as specific techniques for the age/experience level. Clinics will be a full session of showing and practicing techniques.




MMA Pro Special

Individual or partner training session that focus on whatever you specifically need to work on wrestling wise. If there is no specific focus specified the sessions will focus on takedowns and takedown defense as they relate to MMA as well as scramble positions.

Conditioning/Aerobic Exercise
Conditioning/Aerobic Exercise will be mostly calisthenics without the use of weights. These sessions can be tailored up or down depending on the athlete/person’s fitness level.  The sessions will incorporate HIIT and all sessions will include core work as well. These services are available to EVERYONE, not just wrestlers/fighters!


Weight Training

Standard personal training with the use of weights to increase results in regards to muscle density, vascularity, size, strength, and overall physical conditioning. 

Plate Workout
Turner’s specialized plate workouts utilize a variety of different exercises that incorporate a 45 lb. plate (25 lb. plate available depending on fitness/strength level). These services are available to EVERYONE, not just wrestlers/fighters. 

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